My Doctor Network

Category: Mobile Application
Health Network connecting doctors with their patients.

Technologies Leveraged

  1. Android, iOS
  2. Java, Springboot for backend
  3. REST APIs
  4. Mysql 5.7
  5. Deployment on EC2
  6. S3 for document storage

We are software partner for Mittal Healthcare and helped them build a solution to connect doctors and patients to enable more efficient healthcare.


Mittal Healthcare is an upcoming healthcare provider managed by experienced doctors and provides services in multiple specialities.

The Problem

Client approached Etasens to develop a solution which would help the doctors to manage, assist and provide consultation to patients. Scope of the solution included making it accessible to doctors on field visits as well.


A wellness platform was envisioned and the idea was expanded in partnership with the client. The platform includes mobile based application for recording patient history and patient details for the physician team. An online portal will also be created for supporting patients and doctors who prefer non mobile interaction. A complementary mobile application for patients is also being created. The system was designed with SOC (Separation of Concerns) and modular principles. The backend was built with REST APIs to provide a consistent interface. Mobile apps were developed in Android and iOS.


The platform enabled doctors to maintain complete history of the patients and provide efficient and well informed patient care. It also helped doctors in understanding patterns in localised diseases and thus provide precautionary healthcare. Patients were able to connect with doctors based on availability and convenience. Product received a good feedback from healthcare providers and patients.

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