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Category: Enterprise Appliction
Integrated Portal for Amazon Merchants.

Technologies Leveraged

  1. Java, Guice
  2. Scheduled Jobs with Quartz
  3. TSV File Processing
  4. ETL using Java
  5. Angular 4, Node.js
  6. Mysql 5.7
  7. Deployment on EC2

We helped Little Bunnies, an ecommerce company, build an integrated business intelligence portal. This portal assists in forecasting and planning sales and revenues on Amazon Platform.


Little Bunnies is an ecommerce retailer dealing in newborn, baby and kids products with top selling products on Amazon, eBay and Firstcry.

The Problem

Client approached Etasens to develop a product to help them understand the patterns for sales and revenue patterns for the products being sold on Amazon Platform. Easy to understand dashboards with graphical representations for product listing and sales patterns were required.


An integrated portal was created using latest UI and backend technologies. Amazon MWS APIs were leveraged to gather the data. Application was developed in two parts

  1. Batch processes to ensure the latest sales data is downloaded from Amazon and pre processed for quick display
  2. React based UI to provide user friendly and 'easy on eyes' graphical representations.

MWS API volume throttling was handled by combination of an active and passive process.


The product has helped the client achieve economic benefits by helping them understand and forecast their sales patterns and achieve higher inventory turnover. The portal was opened up for use for small and medium sized vendors by Little Bunnies.

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